NowTranscribe is closing down - there will be no ongoing support.
Revolutionary transcription software
40% faster 
audio transcription
NowTranscribe is an easy-to-use editor that provides technology-assisted audio transcription; meaning it does a lot of the manual work for you.
Transcribe your audio (and video) quickly and easily.
Get Started!
  • Download and install NowTranscribe Beta
  • Sign up with Speechmatics using the bottom left icon and get introductory credits
  • Login to NowTranscribe with your email and password
  • Download a short (say 1 minute) audio
  • Add Audio by selecting the audio and the language/accent
  • Transcribe, the hot keys are documented on the left
  • NowTranscribe Beta is free, if you find it useful please tell others
What Makes NowTranscribe Super Fast?
What We Do
We turn the time-consuming and difficult task of audio (and video) transcription into an experience that is fast and easy.
Our easy-to-use editor automatically produces a draft for each audio file. The user then checks through the draft text very quickly. Words that are correct in the draft are accepted with a single key press. You only type when a word needs to be changed.
Our powerful word-prediction algorithm helps speed up transcription. It predicts as you type, so often you only need to type the first 2 or 3 letters of a word. The prediction algorithm also automatically corrects words ahead of your editing position, based on what you've typed so far, the sentence context, and the original audio. It uses our next-generation audio and language models.
You don't need to control the audio playback, the editor does this automatically. You can literally throw away your foot pedal.
NowTranscribe will be a valuable tool whether you want to transcribe legal case notes, medical notes, dictations, interviews, podcasts, radio and TV programmes, meetings, seminars or focus group discussions. It will allow you to handle any kind of audio transcription with the same ease and speed.
Game Changing Technology
Our assisted-transcription technology is the first of its kind.
You'll find using it both intuitive and liberating - you won't want to go back to doing things manually again. Our aim is to provide the world's best transcription software that makes transcribing audio easier, faster and more enjoyable.
NowTranscribe and Speechmatics
NowTranscribe and Speechmatics are independent limited companies. NowTranscribe owns the Windows application and currently provides it free of charge. Speechmatics is a cloud based service that provides the first draft transcript and charges for this. To find out costs, or to purchase more time, first login at then visit NowTranscribe has proved very popular, please do not trouble Speechmatics staff with NowTranscribe queries.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much does it cost? NowTransribe Beta is free, Speechmatics currently charges £3.60 an hour (
  • Will you move from Beta to a charging model? We have no plans to do so at present.
  • Is there a Mac version? Sorry, the software only runs on Windows.
  • What is the maximum audio length? About 20 to 30 minutes seems to work fine, any more and you might get Windows complaining about virtual memory.
  • Is my data secure? Yes, it is only stored on your machine and sent to Speechmatics (
  • Can I access my transcripts in the cloud? No, NowTranscribe is local to your machine.
  • NowTranscribe ate my Speechmatics credits but didn't give me a transcription, can I get a refund? As we do not charge we can not provide a refund.